Detectors to meet your needs

The company manufactures solely in the UK at Micron Semiconductor Works in Lancing, Sussex and have five adjacent factories which carry out various aspects of the detector processing

The manufacturing of all products will be to the requirements of the Customer and we take great pride in developing and maintaining individual customer relationships. Strict internal quality controls are followed to ensure high quality standards are maintained at all times. The Processing and Assembly of all products are documented in the form of Company Drawings, Procedures and Work Instructions. Individual project forms and other specific Project documentation are also used to control the project and these are maintained by the Project Engineers of that specific project.

Keeping Control

Many operations are of a process nature. These are fully covered by Work Instructions specifying to the greatest practicable extent the operating parameters required and the verification procedures. Batch Travellers and/or specific Project Forms are completed detailing all the processes undertaken and these allow for full traceability at all stages in accordance to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

All processing and assembly is carried out in environmentally controlled areas. The requirements for environmental control shall be specified in Work Instructions.

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