Synthetic Diamond Detectors

Custom Designed – Space Qualified

Diamond Properties

  • Wide band gap (5.45 eV);
  • High carrier mobility (4800 cm2.V-1.s-1 for electrons);
  • Very high resistivity (1013 – 1016 Ω.cm)
  • Low Z, tissue equivalent
  • Radiation hard and chemically inert 
  • Natural UV sensitivity

Detector Properties

  • Solid state ionisation chamber
  • Low dark current (pA level)
  • Low capacitance (pF level)
  • Ultra fast signal collection (ps rise time)
  • High energy resolution
  • Naturally solar blind
  • Radiation hard (1016 cm-2 MeV neutron equivalent)
  • High purity diamond
  • Available in polycristalline (PC) and monocrystalline (SC) forms, suitable for different applications
  • Dimensions  from 2 x 2 mm to 10 x 10 mm.
  • Thickness  50 μm to 500 μm standard. Other thicknesses available on request
  • Various metals and contact geometries available on request, their optimisation depends on the application.

Technical Specifications


  • High energy physics (beam positioning, beam monitoring)
  • Neutron detection (fast and thermal)
  • Space (Electron and Ion Spectroscopy)
  • Synchrotrons and cyclotrons
  • Civil nuclear (nuclear reactor monitoring, oil & gas)
  • Deep UV (<225 nm)
  • Beam loss monitors
  • Medical therapy, dosimetry

Fast Neutron Detection

Deuterium Tritium Source 14.1 MeV
Detector – Source 75 mm

  • 7% FWHM energy resolution in the 8.3 MeV peak at only 30 V
  • Shock and vibration tested to the oil industry standard
  • High temperature qualification (200C and above)

Type and Sizes

  • Electronic grade (EL) is the highest quality. The concentration in nitrogen and boron impurities is the lowest achievable by the industry, allowing spectroscopic applications.
  • Standard grade (STD) contains more nitrogen but can be used in specific applications. Only single crystal diamond is available in this quality.

Diamond Sensor Design

Designs are very flexible and can be adapted to suit different needs. The contacts include a variety of metals and non-metals such as: aluminium, titanium, nickel, gold, silver…

Sensor Packaging

  • Specialised in custom designs fine-tuned to each application
  • Off the shelf packaging and solutions available on request
  • Chip only or assembled
  • Ceramic, PCB or FR4
  • Standard connections: SMA, BNC, soldered cable. Other options available on request

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