Designs to match your exact requirements

Silicon Particle Detectors and Photodiodes are individually designed for each Customer requirement and are characterised for the specific application.

Particle Detectors for Nuclear Physics are individually designed for each Customer’s requirement and are characterised for the specific application. The technology is based on N-Type high resistivity silicon which can vary in value between 1000 ohm-cm and 30,000 ohm-cm along with specials 60,000 ohm-cm depending on the detector thickness requirement.

Micron offers 4 inch and 6 inch silicon processing in both single sided and double-sided designs. Detector thickness starts at 5 microns extending to 1500 microns with all designs being totally depleted structures.

Keeping contol

In order that the requirements are fully appreciated the following areas are defined, documented and controlled by the design and development process:

  • Design Overview (agreed between the customer and company)
  • Research and Development Progress Reports (if Research and Development is involved)
  • Design Input Documentation (supplied by customer, usually a specification)
  • Design Output Documentation (sketches or CAD sent to customer for approval)
  • ┬áDesign Review and final designs used for detector manufacturing
  • Project Reports, Design Record Files and Design Information on computer Files for each project according to ISO9001 requiring full tracability
  • Design Control Documentation.
  • Test Documentation prepared by the quality assurance department.

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